Posted by: Anna | July 20, 2009

Stay-Cation Kiddo Free

This weekend I was able to drop off my little one with his dad and go out on a mom’s retreat. Or an alcohol filled stay-cation with some girlfriends.

 Have you ever been around ten mothers, all successful in their own way, all beautiful and smart in their own ways who are mommies 24/7? Let me tell you, when the alcohol is involved it is hilarious! I mean it’s fucking funny. Excuse the term, but that’s just how funny it is. I myself I’m not too conservative. However, I do not talk about sex like I talk about food. The way some woman talk about this, when on alcohol should be recorded and broadcasted on some sort of reality television show. I myself arrived in need of some iced vodka with whatever else in my glass. In a pool sunbathing in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. I was extremely loopy by 4pm, having arrived at 1pm.

 I was filled with joy and glee in the pool sipping my fourth glass of vodka something as we all laughed in hysterics as we talked about everything but kids. That was great. And it’s so nice to see woman be able to relax. And I mean letting go…use your imaginations.

 After a sushi filled and more alcohol dinner we went back to the hotel. It was truly relaxing to boned with other’s mothers who love their kids but also have not forgotten to party. After all, isn’t only fair that moms are allowed to get drunk, husband and kid free every now and then? I think this should be mandatory! If you know a mommy in some desperate need of TLC, do her a favor and watch her kid. You might fall in love with the kiddo, but the mommy will just be that much more sane.

-Thank you for the fabulous time ladies! Totally needed this.



  1. OMG, too funny!!! You’re such a great writer no wonder you want to write a book or two! =)

  2. Thanks for not mentioning the details!

  3. LOL! Mary your comment is funny. Anna, I love this post in particular. It’s so true that when women/moms get together to drink and don’t have to worry about the kids ALL kinds of stuff comes out! What a great time we all had. Some a little too much (Michelle- ha!). I’m so glad you and I had a good chance to talk and get to know one another. You are one cool chick! ;-)~

  4. Yes, thank you for leaving out the details 😉 Sorry I missed part 2 of the play LOL

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