Posted by: Anna | July 16, 2009

One of my many labor stories

Besides being the best mom ever, another one of my favorite things besides eating too can’t forget that one is make-up and fashion. I love make-up. I love it. I can’t get enough of it. I apply blush before leaving the house. There is no excuse to not look put together. I mean, right now I have had maybe what four hours a sleep a night for the past week. But I still wake up to work, shower, do my hair, apply my makeup, four inch wedges and leave the house. Ahh…Why not? Just because I’m a full time mom doesn’t mean I have to look disheveled. And when I do, feel sorry for me. That means I’m that exhausted that I didn’t have the time or energy to care.

 When I was going into labor, which was an ordeal in itself figuring that I was induced, which is another story not at this time. I received a call at 2am. Granted I couldn’t sleep that night knowing that I was about to deliver a baby and get a needle in my back to ease any pain. I got out of bed, super excited and told my mom  to wait. I had to shower, at least my body and apply make-up. I figured I could still look good, right? She laughed and agreed to wait. I don’t take forever either to get ready. I’m fast. I have things to do and places to see and I’m not going to be stuck in the bathroom getting ready. I even packed my make-up.

 Let me tell you. After hours of waiting for the damn anesthesiologist to come, who by the way missed the first time! By the time I had my beautiful son and was about to leave the hospital, Joe asked “Aren’t you going to get ready before we leave? I mean your make-up?” To which I glared at him. Can’t he see that I just had a baby? My hair was wet and I was on the verge of crying since my maternity pants didn’t even fit after the TWO epidurals made my normal legs into elephant legs. And NO! I did not have an extra pair; maternity pants were supposed to fit after the baby was out. And Hello NO, I was not going to do my makeup. Just blush. Thank you.

Being induced...hours before the love of my life was born.

Being induced...hours before the love of my life was born.



  1. well at least you didn’t tell the anesthesiologist to shut up and do his job because he was having a friendly conversation with

    • This is soo funny, I was going to write the entire story tomorrow. I had to tell Gina and Lucia to shut it. I couldn’t cout to ten while they were yapping away! lol

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