Posted by: Anna | July 15, 2009

I’m a mommy and a sister

Never in a million years did I think of myself as a writer. I love books. I love reading and I love when people are funny and sarcastic. I love to read stories that tear your heat and make you cry. I have a very vivid imagination. I began to write because frankly it was about time. Motherhood only magnified things need to be said.

 My life is consumed with being a mommy.  A working mother who fits her life around her son. I adore my son. But I cannot let my son consume my life. It’s not bad. I have to remain true to myself in order to be sane and happy. A happy woman makes a happy mommy.

 These past few months have been crazy and emotional for me. One, Joey is growing up and his hilarious antics of jumping off couches, opening every single jar he can find and becoming an artist on the walls has become just a little exhausting.

 In addition, in March my little sister joined the Army. She was hardly home, but she was always home at the right times. When I needed to pee, take a shower and apply make-up. Now I find myself taking Joey in the bathroom with me, brining him in the shower and giving him my blush brush to play with. Which is fine, but can I pee alone please. For a second? Without him asking me for a piece of toilet paper? Then he claps when I flush the toilet…cute huh?

 My military sister will be back soon. Soon enough for only two weeks before she leaves to Alaska! Alaska…how much further and colder can they send her. She went from Arizona to Alaska! Anyhow, my sister. Ah, memories. believe me a lot of our memories our sour. Not my best friend I love you forever memories. More like fighting all the time, stop stealing my clothes and eating my food sister bond. Our bond was so tight that she insisted in being in my delivery room when Joey was born. I cringed at the idea, but after having her, my parents, my aunt and Joe join in on the fun and video tape the whole darn thing I forbade everyone to talk. Any talking and you’re out!

 How I miss her loud voice. Her being here so I have more time to write, apply blush, or at least pee. How I miss her petite frame and holy shit your loud voice. She’ll be back soon. I promise the pictures will be priceless.

 In the meantime I have to get my ass into gear. I haven’t worked out at all, and we had a bet to see who was going to be more fit. So far I lost.


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