Posted by: Anna | July 2, 2009

See you later Mommy

There’s nothing that pleases me more in knowing that my son is save, cared for, respected and happy all day. Because I work full time, daddy and I made a huge effort to send him to beautiful, clean, best day care we can find. No I’m not parading around that we did. But hear me out. We did this because of my past experiences in daycare.

 This morning as I was dropping him off I was having a conversation with his teacher whom I love. We were discussing Joey’s allergies etc. This whole time I’m holding my little angel. Mid conversation he starts reaching out for his teacher. Since routinely, everyday, I hand him off to her in the morning. He was like, hurry mom! Leave already. Then she sits him down to eat his breakfast. I was astonished. He sat there, so neatly, ready to eat breakfast. He was waving bye and blowing me kisses! He was ready for me to leave! I had to run over to him and kiss him, because I just knew he loved being there all day and he felt safe.

 That is amazing. You know daycare now in days in so expensive. But as a mom you have to weigh your options. And this is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I know that I need to work and unable to be with my son all day, but having him ready and happy to be in his daycare is substitute for mommy.


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