Posted by: Anna | July 1, 2009

He can READ?



I’m preparing for a mini vacation. We are going to California yet again, this time to visit family and of course revisit our lovely missed beach. I decided to phone my little cousins. Now, I know that sounds weird, but I have a HUGE family. I have little cousins who are four and older ones who are in there thirties.

 Yesterday, I called my little cousin. He is almost thirteen. I was actually there with my aunt through most of her pregnancy the summer she was almost due. We have a lot of August birthdays, including mine, Joey’s, his dads, his sister, grandma and the list goes on.

 Anyway, I was telling him how we were coming to visit because we haven’t been over in what seems to be like forever. And now Joey is old enough to actually run and play with. I told him he loves to play sports, draw, play and read. Then he stops me and says, “Oh my God! Joey knows how to read!?” Ooops. I explained to him, yes. Sort of. Joey can sit on his bed or in any corner and pretend that he is reading and he loves books. So technically no, but for reading purposes Yes. It was pretty cute that he took me so literal.

 My book worm future athlete is going to be exhausted this weekend. He will binge again on food with the other kids and maybe taste a bunch of sand. Family trips are always fun and stressful. Seriously, about twenty people end up staying over a house one day because of a Bar B Q! Just picture it!


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