Posted by: Anna | June 29, 2009


As a mom I have to find support and peace of mind in many things. As a single mom I find it necessary to do things that can help me out, because frankly having friends is essential.

I moved to AZ right after high school. I left friendships that I loved. I kept some, but distance makes that harder. I never found that many here, but I was blessed to find some. Having a son enabled me to meet mommies who maybe didn’t have that much in common with me, but did have being a mommy in common.

This Saturday I hosted my first play date. I was stressed, what were people going to think of me? Look, I don’t have a husband or a partner. I do almost everything myself. But being surrounded by those moms, I felt just like them. We have our children that make us happy. But we also have other stresses in life that are unique to one another. I felt like, look, it’s hard for all of us. Some of us are just express ourselves differently. We look different, we talk to our kids differently, but we all want the best for them.

I had about seven moms in my house and about fourteen plus kids! Yikes. I was like wow, this is fun. Joey had a blast and I truly enjoyed spending time with different women from different walks of life. I was so grateful that I finally took it upon myself and branch out. Joey needs to learn to interact.

To start with, he was pretty damn smart if you ask me. He is healthy, besides his asthma. He loves books, he loves sports and he rarely watches television unless I ask him too. He doesn’t ask to watch any show, which I love. He will watch Shrek if I sit him down, but I won’t have TV playing in the background as noise.

I find that having my son interact with others, playing outside and reading is fun. He loves to play and figure things out himself. As stressful as it may sometimes be that he wants to snap himself in his car seat, when he shouts “Yay” and applauds himself, well that makes everything just worth it.


At the end of the day, he was pretty tired. That was just a perk.




  1. Yay, how sweet! You’ll have to host another one so we can go!

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