Posted by: Anna | June 26, 2009

7 Hours of Sleep

 I slept alone in my bed last night. Joey woke up once. I love when he wakes up, sort of. He gets up and cries and walks to his door which is closed. He can’t open it, so he waits for me. Once I open it he turns around and walks to his bed. He is so cute! He is just expecting me to lay with him so he can fall back asleep. I have no idea why he wakes up or why it’s usually like clockwork. Last night was only once. Hallelujah! This morning I was able to wake up extra early and get ready for work. Joey woke up mid shower so I had to hurry. I was dripping wet going into his room, trying to dry off knowing he wanted me to lay with him.

He usually makes me late to work because of cuddling. But I usually can never pass up laying with him before the day begins. So I’m a little late every day, I’m happy though. I know I was able to spend some precious time with my little monster.

I love to hold and snuggle with him as he is waking up. His warm little fat cheeks, his warm hands, his hugs. It’s all so sweet. I know I have many, many sleepless nights. Some that frustrate me a lot. But when I’m able to hold him and snuggle with him, those warm peaceful moments are so great. I forget the mornings where I wake up in pee due to his extra sippy cup at night.



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