Posted by: Anna | June 23, 2009

No little sister

My cousin moved into town recently. She came out here to live in hell known as Arizona. She moved with her husband and adorable little girl. She is the cutest little baby girl you have ever seen. I mean, I couldn’t wait to hold her and snuggle her and hug her! Seriously, she is just so damn cute.

So last night when I saw them I did just that. Then, I had a dodge a ball thrown by Joey. Boy, he was not so happy to see me hold the baby. He was upset. First he said, no! Then he growled. He threw a ball. Then his little lip started to quiver as he started crying. Oh, my poor Joey was jealous. He was so hurt.

I immediately gave up the baby and grabbed my son. I was able to hold him again like a baby. Which believe me, at almost two he is very independent and doesn’t like to be cuddled a lot. So I cuddled him. I sang to him. For three minutes. Three precious minutes before he remembered he knew how to run. He ran outside again and continued to play ball.

I always think more kids sounds great. Although in life I am definitely not there. But Joey isn’t there either. So in the meantime we’ll both be selfish and like he says it’s all about ‘me’.


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