Posted by: Anna | June 19, 2009

Prodigy in the making

Joey is not two years old yet but I’m pretty sure he might be the next Steve Nash/ Kobe Bryant/ David Beckham. Another of Joey’s favorites; Beyonce and Lady Gaga. I love watching him in the back seat sing with them, “Oh, oh, oh oh oh oh oh”, If the Boss is playing he is rocking out while playing is air drums.

 Where do kids learn this? Is my child extra special? He can rock out with the best and sing too! Wow, and shoot like a star and kick like a future Soccer prodigy. I think as a mom of course I think that about Joey, but he loves this stuff. I love watching him. But if he’s rocking out in the back seat, I dare not turn around because he hates it when I sing with him. So I have to be sneaky and look through the rear view mirror. Music has always made him happy. I use to play different music when he was younger to soothe him, God forbid I sing that would only makes things worse. I also like to pray with Joey before bed and after his bedtime book. Also, I have to keep my prayers short because Joey hates my voice at night. So sad. He prefers that I lay down with him and snuggle.

 I’m on a mission to get him enrolled in soccer classes soon. Is it too early for music classes? He is so sweet too. He is learning Spanish now compliments of grandma. Now if we say, “Joey more?” He laughs and says, “Mass”! Yeah! It’s working.

 So if you hear about a handsome, talented, brilliant man name Joey in about twenty years, let me tell you, you heard it hear first!




  1. haha, thats awesome! I thnk its cool how you are allow joey to tap into and develop talents he was born with! The sooner the better! I love this liitle guy, wish I would see him more often!

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