Posted by: Anna | June 17, 2009

Sleep baby sleep

I feel as if maybe I’m in the brink of a meltdown. Not an emotional one because I have been having so much fun with Joey. But, when do kids sleep through the night? I am exhausted. I just want to sleep. I just fear falling asleep at night because I know Joey wakes up about 11:15pm, 2am, 4am and maybe one more time after that if I don’t drag him to my bed so we can both get some sleep.

I think he did well for about a month. I thought, wow, I did it. Then I was told that they start having nightmares or just start getting up at night. Oh my God, why?! This has been happening for two weeks now and it’s getting old. Not only that. Joey needs to be soothed to fall asleep. His soothing technique? Pinching. He pinches my underarm when he is anxious and to make himself fall asleep.

I am extremely frustrated. I rather him just sleep in my bed sometimes, which I know is not good. I use to buy these books and read them but seriously, they really don’t help. I guess maybe I’m a little done with reading. One I figure out a way that works for me, believe me I will let you know.



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