Posted by: Anna | June 16, 2009

It’s a long story…but I don’t like spanking

Spanking is something I pray I will rarely do or never do. Of course, I will maybe tap Joey to get him to react, but I really don’t feel that spanking is an effective method to discipline your child. Joey is not even 2 years old and spanking is just far away if it will ever occur.

This weekend Joey had a birthday party to go too. I was so excited because I love watching him play with the other little boys in his class and meeting parents. Joey goes to daycare full time while I work, and I LOVE the place. One parent asked me why I chose this particular place for Joey. Because to be honest, there are many places Joey can go, but I was finicky, desperate and in need for the best, honest, reliable, flexible, clean place I can trust and find and willing to pay.

Here’s the story. Being a single is just a little harder sometimes. But I have an AMAZING support group that involves Joey’s dad. He is awesome. He’s the best dad. He is very hands on and understands me completely even if I call him crying because I’m on the brink of a meltdown. He lives about 40 miles away and works long hours so sometimes it’s difficult to constantly have daddy around-but I digress. Joey had a home nanny when he was born. But she quit of course because seriously, she thought she wasn’t getting paid enough. Bullshit.

Then I had family watch Joey. That was fine, but it didn’t really work because they always had schedule issues. Then I had another nanny and the list goes on. I was fed up. But my mom had a friend who offered. She had kids and lived down the street. Very convenient we thought. And the price, the best to come. So Joey went there. I was fine. I trust people whole heartedly. But I also trust my gut.

One day I picked up Joey, everything was normal. This was right before Christmas. I had to run to Target, but I had to change Joey’s diaper. I pulled down his shorts, took the diaper off and nearly fainted. Joey had a red very noticeable hand imprint on his upper thigh.

WHAT THE FUCK!!!! That is all I can in my head. Of course Joey seemed fine. He was about 18 months so he couldn’t tell me what happened. I wasn’t even sure if he remembered. I just remember screaming in my head and immediately shaking. I couldn’t believe that someone would harm Joey. WHY THE FUCK would anyone feel the need to hit him so hard???Excuse me, is this a nightmare?

I called my mom and could barely explain to her the story. I was crying, shaking in shock. At the same time I knew I had to control my emotions because the last thing I wanted to do was scare Joey. At this point he was ok. But I didn’t know what to do. My mom basically handled it for me. She went over, confronted the bitch, who blamed her daughter. My mom packed all of Joey’s stuff and threatened the bitch. I swear I thought one of was going to kill her.

I’m not a revengeful person and I don’t hold grudges. But you don’t fuck with my kid. Not my baby. I called Joe and cried. The next day we both took Joey to the doctor, he was examined and we had to file a police report and a report to Child Protective Services.

The bitch was charged with a felony. She admitted to hitting Joey. What strikes me as interesting is when the police was investigating they kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to file charges against her. What the fuck? Seriously, did you see his damn leg asshole!

I filed charges. I refused to step down. Because you know what? Maybe this was a onetime thing? Maybe she learned her lesson? But that bitch had three kids. And damn me if I was going to let her inflict anymore pain on them. Damn me if I was going to let her get away with it like the hundreds of other dumbass people who dare to inflict physical or verbal pain on their innocent beautiful children.

I don’t feel any remorse. I will do what I have to as a mommy to protect my child. As my baby or when he is older. I will do the right thing. And if anyone dares cross me, they will surely regret it.

Hah, so that’s our story. That’s why I chose his daycare. I trust them and I love the teachers who even have their own children there. I will pay extra for peace of mind. I will give up eating out sometimes. But as long as my baby is safe, shit I will do whatever it takes.



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