Posted by: Anna | June 15, 2009

Artist or Future Athlete

Joey loves sports. I had no idea he was going to love sports this much at such a young age. My son literally has a ball in his hand every waking hour of the day. He loves to kick the ball, shoot the ball and throw a ball. He is not even two and shows some impressive skills. (Skills compliments of mommy). I hate going toy shopping and have actually avoided it since he turned one. Seriously, they can’t make anything more interesting than a soccer or basketball for Joey. He loves to sit and read but not as much as he likes to play. He seriously can’t stay still. I’m not sure any boy knows how to stay still.

Blue Marker Hands. Joey, "Get me out of here!"

Blue Marker Hands. Joey, "Get me out of here!"

I have managed to get him interested in drawing. I bought crayons and markers this weekend and guess what he likes to draw? Balls! And since he is too busy to eat you know, since he is always playing, he just reaches into the panty and grabs a piece of bread. Seriously, I do cook for Joey but he prefers bread, like this hot dog bun. I guess being obsessed with sports balls is much better than him being obsessed with his other balls.

Not a breakfast food.

Not a breakfast food.


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