Posted by: Anna | June 12, 2009


Disneyland, May 2008

Disneyland, May 2008

One of the best relationships I have is the one with my best friend. I know, I’m an adult and I still refer to her as my best friend. I can’t refer to her as my wife or wife/ husband I wish I had because that is just plain weird. Although she lives like four hundred miles away our cells phones keep us close.

One of the weird and awesome things about our friendship is how we became moms just around the same time. Actually her son is three months older than Joey, just like our age difference. She is three months older than me too.

Although my dad insists to this day that I got pregnant on purpose (like being pregnant out of wedlock, having a baby and bringing him home with grandma rather than a husband sounded like a much better idea) I swear to God that was not the case. Adri and I were dating at the time, not each other! We basically were in relationships. I get a call; OH MY GOD I’m pregnant and not married my mom is going to kill me, one day. Then three months later she gets a call, OH MY GOD I’m pregnant and not married my parents are going to kill me! Her reaction to my call…OH MY GOD I’M SO EXCITED, WE’LL BE MOMS AT THE SAME TIME!

Although that was not the response I was looking for, I think God knew what he was doing. It just so happened that two other friends of mine were also pregnant. Adri and I both had boys. Cool!

We never imagined that our lives would end up like this. Luckily it did. And although being a single mom does suck at times, I have Adri to call. I can cry, vent and laugh without judgment or resentment passed. I think we only fought once in the fifteen years we have known each other. She broke up with me in the sixth grade. She called me and told me that she didn’t want to be my best friend anymore. Tears.

But anyway, we grew up and became mommies. We have boys to raise. They’ll grow up and be these future athletes we think they are now and the gentlemen we hope they’ll become. Believe me; I think she’ll stick around. I use to read the Bible to her when I was ten. I’m sure my profanity induced phone calls won’t deter her today.


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