Posted by: Anna | June 11, 2009


I’ll take some time every now a then now to reveal some things about myself that are not really related to being a mommy. They are more related to my obsessions that make me who I am.

Here’s an interesting fact. I love make-up. Most importantly, I LOVE BLUSH!

I fell in love with blush from a young age. I use to prop myself in the bathroom and watch my mom apply her make-up every day. My mom was a stay at home mom when I was young, but she still looked good and always put together. A week after I noticed her blush I asked if I could wear some for my picture day at school. She said sure. She then went on to curl my hair, tease my bangs and apply blush. I was so excited. I sneaked the blush to school and I think I reapplied blush about fifty times that day! When she picked me up from school she started cracking up. She was like “What happened!?” And I was like, “I have no idea what you’re talking about?” I swear I have to find that picture because I also forgot to mention that my two front teeth were missing and I had a huge grin in that picture. I was seven.

Anyway, I think I do a much better job today. I think every woman, no matter what their preference to how much make-up they wear or if they work as a Magazine Assistant or as a Grocery bagger, all women should all wear blush. Blush is a serious must. Just by a few swipes to your favorite color, a little tab to the brush, and a few swipes on each cheek, you will immediately look more alive and flushed.

My favorite blush is by Nars, Orgasm.  I think the majority of skin tones can wear this shade. It’s not the cheapest find but a worthwhile investment. I found mine at Sephora. Please do me a favor and consider your make-up. As described online under Super Orgasm “The super sexy pink flush gives the effect of an ultimate super,uh hum, afterglow.”

Nars blush in Orgasm

Nars blush in Orgasm


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