Posted by: Anna | June 9, 2009

I suffer..not from depression

People are allowed to suffer from many ailments in life. Or I guess not allowed, but maybe allowed to complain? What would I have to complain about right?

One of the best things from my pregnancy and post pregnancy was huge boobs and amazing skin. People commented on my glow the entire time while looking at my huge rack. Sadly, I got to keep neither. It sucks. I guess I don’t mind the boob part as much as I mind my Acne. I hate my acne. I guess I don’t hate many things, but I can’t seem to ever catch a break. From the time I started becoming a ‘woman’ my skin has gone erratic.

In high school I was made fun of because my skin was so bad. Seriously, don’t feel bad, I have pretty thick skin and never gave a shit with looser boys thought of me. College was better because I was on the pill. Then I got off of it and my skin went crazy…then I got pregnant. Bliss…sort of.

I am also faced with all of these options. Drugs and medications that tear the layers off your skin to only bring in the same type of fuckn skin! Sorry, a little irritated. So I finally gave in and decided to call a good friend of mine…Dr. W.

He asked..I’m I eating right? Hell no. I’m I stressed? Hell yes? Do I exercise? Hilarious.  NO.

So now I will be doing all these in reverse while taking some nutritional supplements which I feel more comfortable doing. I will not post a before and after picture. Seriously, my ego can only take so much. Remember, I already lost my huge rack about 9 months ago!


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