Posted by: Anna | June 4, 2009

Co Sleeping

Sleeping with Joey when he was a newborn

Sleeping with Joey when he was a newborn

Joey is approaching 2 years old and I am so excited…yet a little sad. I remember him days old, they are always so precious. When Joey was born I was given a book by a friend. I won’t mention the book here because I don’t want to influence anyone. This book explained how newborn/infants had to learn to sleep independently and had to be put on a schedule to nurse. I nursed Joey for about 10 months. It was awesome.

There I was, a new mommy reading this book. I had to feed Joey about every 2 1/2 hours the first weeks, then about every 3 hours as he got older and then on. I read that I was never to nurse him to sleep. Instead he was to learn to fall asleep on his own. If he cried, I had to let him cry at least 45 minutes.

Well, let me tell you. That shit didn’t last. Yes, I was a freaking Nazi commanding that everyone shut up around the house because Joey was learning to fall asleep. Then if he cried I would scold my mother for running in to hold him. He did well the first six months of his life actually and slept on his own. Then….he got sick. I was so afraid he would stop breathing that I brought him to my bed! OMG! Let me tell you, I loved it! Shoot, I should have always had him closer after he grew out of his bassinet. Babies are so cute and cuddly. (However, depending on the day you ask me how my night went I might protest that statement.)

I loved sleeping with Joey. He would sleep all night if he was in my bed, and seriously, I’m a single mom, no one else was in my bed anyway!

I grew to love and then hate this. You see, Joey loves to sleep with mommy. He loves to have his little hand under my arm and pinch me. Ever since he was born and nursing, this was his soothing method. To this day it’s his soothing method and it hurts! It hurts a lot sometimes. Is it sweet, yes. But sometimes when he has anxiety he runs up to me and sticks his hand under my arm, ouch and cute at the same time.

Recently we moved and I couldn’t take the pinching anymore. It was time for his bed. Wow was I blessed, lucky and whatever else you want to call it. I bought him a toddler bed and he loved it! He loves sleeping his bed that is in his own room. There are times when he wakes up several times a night and then there are times where he falls asleep on his own and sleeps all night.

With all the books that are out there I would say, go with what you feel is right. Every child is different and parents should enjoy their kids. So if you want to nurse your baby to sleep and enjoy those moments, do it. I wish now, when Joey gets crabby that I can just cuddle him and nurse him to sleep. But at almost 2 years old that’s weird to me, so I just cuddle with him. The sippy cup has taken over the breast but I can still sleep with him whenever the hell I want. Period.


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