Posted by: Anna | June 3, 2009


Joey has asthma, which totally sucks! It sucks! Big time. I don’t know who to blame, I wish there was something or someone I could blame it on. Neither Joey’s dad nor I have asthma. I have allergies, but not asthma.

Joey started official day care in January…story behind that drama later. Of course with any child beginning a new daycare with tons of cute kids come tons of germs. Joey was sick with everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! Have you heard of the flu, got that, Strep, got that, Mouth, Foot and Hand Disease. Are you kidding me! Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. My son lost weight at that point and I was paying for daycare, while I was staying home with my sick toddler. Then… yes, then, in the mean time, he had this cough. This cough that just would not go away. So while he had all of these things going on, he had this gross cough the entire time. I had finally had it with all the doctor appointments and no relief to the cough.

Finally, a week after he was sort of healthy I went into his doctor and demanded that Joey get checked again. I told them that his cough is not letting either one of us sleep. After an x-ray he was diagnosed or whatever with Bronchiolitis. Wow, duh. There went another week off work. Luckily his daycare which I love, allowed me not to pay for that week.

That week Joey got so lethargic and weak I took him into the emergency. The Phoenix Children’s Emergency. OMG! At that point I thought, if he didn’t have something before… he does now. And isn’t stupid, first of all, we are all waiting for our turn. We waited for about 4 hours I think. And kids were coming and going. Little did I know that PCH is the first trauma center for kids, so that’s why there is such a long wait because those kids get in first and rightfully so. So when a mother is yelling at the Chief Medical doctor because her son had a fever and was lethargic and still had not been seen…see the resemblance? Give me a break. Shut up and wait lady!!! Seriously! Way to behave. Those people irritate me. So do the parents who yell at their kids when it is 9pm at night and they are trying to have dinner at Chili’s, seriously? Anyway, back to my story.

After finally seeing a doctor at PCH, they had to suction Joey. They had to stick tubes down his poor little nose and suction all the shit that was not letting him breathe! It was awful. Weeks after he was finally better. Hi wheezing persisted and he was diagnosed with Asthma. Horrible.

I finally took him also to a pediatric naturopathic doctor in Scottsdale or Tempe, there are only four in the state and I was lucky that he’s in Arizona. After blood work he told me he was allergic to all dairy and eggs.

So besides having to torture my son with two breathing treatments a day, I have to deprive him of real spaghetti, ice cream, grilled cheese sandwiches and the list goes on. I actually have the long damn list if anyone is even interested.

Since those changes in diet alone he is sooooo much better. He can run and play with no wheeze, so despite that he still has to be on medication I will allow Joey to cheat once in a while. After all, since he has asthma he should enjoy some damn ice cream once in a while!


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