Posted by: Anna | May 29, 2009

Speaking Spanish

My mother tells me that Spanish was my first language. However, I can carry a conversation with you today, but I cannot carry a beautiful conversation with you in Spanish. Once school started I spoke English, and my mother wanting to practice it only spoke to me in English. Now she is very fluent in Spanglish.

Great, right? I’m bilingual. I would love my son to be bilingual too but hardly anyone around him speaks Spanish. My grandmother does, but how often is she over? Joey is at such a young age right now that he absorbs everything quickly. He is very smart and knows colors now, shapes and has taken an interest in learning to write circles. Yay!

What I’m I too do? Joey is half Latino and half Caucasian. He is my little blonde child that I adore and I, his brunette, trying to convert to blonde at the moment mother. His dad who use to be very blonde at one point, think it’s a great idea to teach him Spanish. It is a great idea for me to teach him Spanish.

I would never want to deprive my son of my beautiful culture, but it just becomes more difficult the older I become. I think the best idea will be enrolling him in Spanish classes. So he can actually learn beautiful Castilian Spanish. God forbid I ever hear him say EL Lay, or speak with a ghetto Spanish accent. I’m allowed to say this…my parents grew up in East Los Angeles. My dad loves to retell his stories of his friends in gangs and whatever movies like Stand and Deliver. But today, my son is far from that. I find myself to be far from that.

I think classes are the best. I think so far, based on the picture he might be too cool.  Maybe a summer vacation to Spain or my parent’s native country of Guatemala will do the trick. I’ll leave him there for a month and see what I get.

Look at those cheeks!!!




  1. Please have him learn spanish! It would be sad for him not to. After all, spanish is the most beautiful, sexy, eloquent language in the world! You would do your son no justice by not teaching it to him

  2. btw, great pic!

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