Posted by: Anna | May 28, 2009

Sweet little things

I love being a mom. Yes, I get exhausted, tired and sometimes I feel as if I’m going to lose it. But those are very few times. Very few times. Most of the time, I am overjoyed and excited to play with my little one. I love Joey’s laugh. He has the best laugh ever and it is so contagious. He is super smart too. This morning he was on his best behavior. He woke up early and played with grandma. He chose his clothes; he can very picky you know. He asked for a banana before I took him to day care, but we were out. So I gave him a little baggy with ‘snacks’ as he likes to call them. I gathered my things to walk out the door and he politely followed mommy. He did run a lap around the car laughing before I caught him and I buckled him safely into his car seat.

Though some may not find it riveting, it’s so sweet to see your son singing Lady Gaga through the rear view mirror, yes, I said Lady Gaga, that’s what I had playing this morning. Specifically, Poker Face. His little mouth in a OOO, Oh, Oh, O oooooo. Too cute for words. I will be so excited to see him again this evening as he drops everything when he sees his mommy and runs into my arms. Those little sweet things definitely make my life worth living.


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