Posted by: Anna | May 27, 2009

Traveling with a Sugar Addict

Wow. At the beginning of our trip to California we were very pumped up, even though I would be driving with Joey for six hours. My son enjoyed the beach just as much as I did. We played, sun bathed and ate…alot. Yes, my white son was slathered in sun block!

I usually don’t feed Joey that much junk food, but believe me the kid knows what he likes.

He was introduced to Doritos, Oreos and Marshmallows! Yummy! On our way back to hell, I mean, AZ I think he had enough for the rest of the year. The only thing that would stop his whining was an Oreo, a strawberry didn’t cut it anymore. NOTE TO SELF: Try not to drive next time. And pack Flaming Hot Cheetos, just in case.

I’m so hung over from lack of sleep today the words on my screen are yelling at me. Oops.


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