Posted by: Anna | May 21, 2009

I am a Lady

For those of you who know me or don’t know me one thing about me is…I really like to use profanity. When I am pissed I have to use it to express myself. I also find it very humorous. Although, I do not use that sort of language around my little one, it does slip out sometimes. And I still find it funny.

You should also know that when I was growing up my parents NEVER used that sort of language. I was also not allowed to listen to the radio, watch MTV or tweeze my eyebrows until I got to high school! Ewww. When I was in the fifth grade I met my best friends, who introduced me to lying, make-up, boys and cursing. I did all of these, innocently anyway, behind my parent’s back. At home when my best friend would sleep over, I was told to read her a verse from the bible. Seriously, no joke. I love my faith but at that age I wanted to listen to Nirvana too.

I do respect others, I have great manners, I care about how people feel, I expect men to be gentlemen and women to be ladies, and that should be the case. But shit, I will say fuck, shit and bitch once in a while. Find the humor in it. The people in the car in front of me usually always find my cursing funny!



  1. Thank you for not calling me out by name!

  2. Don’t forget about the occasional gaseous erruptions.

  3. […] they are now and the gentlemen we hope they’ll become. Believe me; I think she’ll stick around. I use to read the Bible to her when I was ten. I’m sure my profanity induced phone calls won’t deter her […]

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