Posted by: Anna | May 20, 2009


I just read an article online talking about how working mothers feel drained. No kidding. There is article talking about that? Being a mommy alone, a good mommy is draining, adding work on top of that, duh?

Anyway, I decided to mention it because I feel drained at the time. But not because of working, but because I’m doing it with a viral infection. Yuck! I had no fever but got fever blisters that I was given medication for. Then I was sent to the bathroom with what felt like the stomach flu about 10 times at work. Cute, everyone has to see walk back  and forth to the bathroom in heels. Meanwhile, my face looks green.

Last nightwas a much better night. I finally had a tiny meal, I hadn’t eaten in about 2 days. I was having so much fun with my little monster that I figured I would treat him to ice cream. Now, Joey is allergic to all dairy, so I bought these little ice cream sandwiches at Sprouts, Cuties. Needless to say he loved them! Here’s a picture of him all mushed up in his favorit t-shirt. Which he slept in, went to day care in and still refused to take off to take a bath!


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