Posted by: Anna | May 18, 2009

Joey was Sickey

This weekend was a trying weekend. Joey woke up with a high fever Thursday that sent us to the doctor. The same fever came and went and insisted on staying until Saturday night. I hate when doctors say, “It’s a viral infection, drink plenty of fluids and lots of rest.” Yeah, I’m sure a toddler will do that!

In the meantime, Joey is sleeping in my arms, which by the way, NEVER HAPPENS! My son is a burst of energy ALL the waking hours of the day.

However, he was so lethargic Thursday that I was able to watch the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy live, with him snuggled in my arms. Precious, right?

Yup, precious. Come Saturday morning and I had to cancel my plans to travel. His fever was still 101 to 102, and Tylenol didn’t do the trick. He took many long baths and loved having his candy, which by the way, thanks to Dr.W worked wonders…by Candy I mean a homeopathic called Belladonna 30c. If Tylenol didn’t do the trick this Candy worked. Along witb having him only in his diaper. Despite the high fever, Joey was literally, literally!!!! sorry, excited here, bouncing around the house eating as much fruit as he could.

Needless to say, Sunday rolled around with no more fevers, only now Mommy got sick. Big Deal, right!?

No one ever tells you how trying it could be to be a patient, loving mother to a toddler boy who insists on doing everything himself. Which includes…eating cold cereal, walking up and down the stairs, opening his juice boxes and cleaning his room. This means, he gets into everything and reorganizes his clothes!

I think right about now I can stand for a shot of tequila and a night out. Although at the end of the day I know I prefer to go home to my little monster and watch him eat spaghetti and meatballs by himself.


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